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The definition of surface defective: Tiny scratch on the corner, some burning-like spot from anodizing,

The product is unused, and 100% functional.     You may not select a specific product.


** HAO's 416/416+ type is for our Gen1 416 PTW. VFC users should choose the VFC/HAO 416V2 option **


****VFC HK416 version before 2010's barrel nut is not compatible, please let us know when ordering if you are an early user of VFC416******


HAO's G Style SMR Rail For HK416/MR556.

Sick of poor-quality of replicas cheap?HAO's G Style SMR is 100% made with every detail as same as RS . For our complimentary segments(Long*1 Short *2) are free without any additional charge.


Weight: 420g (segments, screws include)



Anodizing/surface treatment disclaimer from Geissele for reference :

**G style SMR handguard- Surface defected **

  • Term Of Use:
    All the products are made and design for Airsoft use. Any modification of structure, exterior, appearance or painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction on the merchandise may lead to violate your nation's law regulation. Customers shall bear the full legal liability after the modification.

    • CNC Drilled 6061-T6 Handguard
    • CNC Drilled 6061-T6 Segments(2 short one Long)  
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