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HAO's 416C conversion kits for Marui MWS are CNC machined from an Alloy 7075-T6 billet which is as same material as real firearm.

In this model of 416 , you will have 9" one piece steel gundrilled barrel end with 1/2-28RH thread , CNC machined 416D style gasblock, Full RS spec 416C version hanguard , Full set of 416C collapsible stock , Ambi sling end plate, Plastic-polymer injected V7 grip for GBB


This time we also bring you out the 6061-T6 MWS bolt case (Ecoline) with Hard Anodizing 

Matte Black HK& G style BCG for your choice !
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Gute Jagd, Kommando!
Good hunting , Commandos! 



*Vortex optics ,mount, magazine ,inners excluded.

Term Of Use:

All products sold by HAO are intended for Airsoft use only. Other uses are prohibited. Any modification including painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction stickers is prohibited, and may be a violation of law. Customers assume full legal liability for any modifications they perform, absolving HAO of any responsibility.

*Due to the nature of the anodising process and the dye used, HAO's 416A5 set can look green or brown - or shades in between - depending on light conditions, flash photography or monitor used.


Anodizing / surface treatment disclaimer from Geissele for reference :

HAO's 416C Conversion kit for Marui MWS

    • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Upper
    • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Lower
    • SUS304 gas block & gas tube (416C length)
    • CNC lathed, Gun drilled 9" Steel barrel
    • CNC lathed Steel barrel nut
    • CNC drilled 416C type Handguard
    • CNC lathed Decoration pins
    • CNC lathed  Steel Flash hider knobs
    • CNC lathed,drilled Takedown pins
    • CNC lathed,drilled HAO's HK416 style ambi selectors
    • CNC lathed 416C/F style muzzle brake (With 1/2-28RH thread) 
    • 416C type collapsible stock
    • CNC lathed 416 ambi charging handle 
    • Plastic Polymer injected 416 V7 grip 
    • 416AC Ambi Sling End Plate
    • SUS EDM wire cut light weight BCG stopper
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