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The new MK3. is now release, which will fully compatible with Inifity version!


New Feature of MK3.:

  • Removable front cap positioning pins for the Infinity new HOP UP unit
  • Enlarged groove for the Infinity gear box
  • Compatiblewith pre-2021 systema gear box still

The Mk3. version of HAO Cylinder keep all the goodies of MK1.

We improve the surface of both piston and cylinder's inner wall to make it smoother and less resistance. 

And we now using higher grade of ladder gear and NBR rubbers.


It was the best and now it's better.





Sick of loosing index screw? or tired of adjusting the weak and wobble aluminum extrusion rail inside the cylinder?  

Introducing the HAO's Advanced PTW Cylinder. 

The cylinder which combined the latest HAO's technology in:


  1. One piece SUS303 cylinder body with EDM precise wire cutting piston rail.  
  2. Enhanced polymer injected piston.
  3. SUS303 anti-twisted spring rotation bearing system.
  4. S45C heat treated EDM wire cutting ladder gear.
  5. SUS303 enhanced nozzle.
  6. All re-design and reinforce NBR rubbers, O-rings.
  7. BCGS (Bolt Carrier Group Sticker) make your PTW more like RS.  


  • MPS/FPS conversion : ( calculate  with 6mm 0.2 BBs)
  • M90  = 296.00 FPS = 0.81J
  • M110= 361.84 FPS  = 1.21 J
  • M130= 427.63 FPS = 1.69 J
  • M150= 493.42 FPS = 2.25 J

*Notice: BCGS only compatible on HAO's Advanced PTW Cylinder with pre-milled 0.2mm thick depth slot for easy insert / withdraw without damage the sticker.

*Notice: Please shoot the first 500 rounds gently in order to meet the best occlusion and performance.

HAO's Advanced PTW Cylinder MK3.

    • SUS303 One-piece Cylinder Assembly
    • HK BCGS
    • AR BCGS
    • Nozzle head bumper
    • Plastic Cylinder carrier 
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