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When your full cloned 416kit need a lighter weight of barrel or need the thread for the airsoft spec.You will need this, The HAO's alloy barrel sets for 416A5 series.

This set include three barrels which represent 11", 16.5" (5.5"extension) ,All the barrels are CNC lathed by alloy 6061-T6 , and 4140 Steel (Extension barrel).

The 11" barrel only compatible with RS spec barrel length kit (like HAO's 416 & SGT's 416 (Not confirmed yet) And the extensions will fit most of kits(FCC,Eagle Eye) which thread are end with airsoft 14mmCCW.

HAO's Alloy Barrel sets for 416A5 PTW (14mmCCW)

SKU: A45
  • All the products are made and design for Airsoft use. Any modification of structure, exterior, appearance or painting, marking or wiping the cover/instruction on the merchandise may lead to violate your nation's law regulation. Customers shall bear the full legal liability after the modification.


    • CNC Lathed Alloy 6061-T6 barrel end with 14mmCCW
    • CNC Lathed Steel made barrel locating pin
    • CNC Lathed Steel 4140 barrel extension 4" 
    • CNC Lathed Steel 4140 barrel extension 6" 
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